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After 4 days home from work… March 12, 2009

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Today marks Day 4 of what my friend Erin calls her avian flu, a weird cold/flu/lack of rest hybrid that has pretty much ruined my week. I tried to go to work yesterday, but after 12 pm, I was back on my couch watching another rerun of “What I Like About You”. (Fact 1 about me: I love crappy television, and I won’t apologize for it. Some people find their zen moments in yoga or poetry, I find mine through the “Real Housewives of Orange County”.) So the boredom of being home this last day, when I have slept too much to sleep anymore but still lack the energy to clean the kitchen, has led to this. And the boredom has also led me to think about a few things I really want to do that I haven’t done or have actually made regressions on:

1. Get a damn haircut already. I know I’m growing out my hair for the wedding (I’m getting married at the end of May, in case anyone besides my immediate friends reads this and needs that info), but it’s just getting shapeless and blah, very Anne Hathaway before the makeover in “The Devil Wears Prada”. I don’t like blah hair, especially on me. Hence, need a haircut. Perhaps Saturday.
2. I want to start Pilates or yoga. I did Pilates once or twice a week for almost a semester and I enjoyed it; I also did bikram yoga a couple of times, and I loved it. I need to figure out a way to get back on this that will not cost me $450 million a month. Must commit to working out if I’m going to be spending a week in a bikini in under 3 months time.
3. I need to figure out a creative outlet. This might be part of the blogging desire. I acted for a long time, and when I was younger I wrote “novels” (OK, they were like 150 page stories handwritten in notebooks, but they had plots, and that’s solid for a 13 year old.) And I sang for a long time, too. And I miss that. I miss having some sort of creative product of any kind coming out of me. I blame my desire to be creative on the lack of career ambition; maybe I’ll figure out a way to use it to my advantage, but I always thought I’d stumble into a glorious creative career and didn’t plan ahead. But I do genuinely like my job now. At least I never took the creativity to my wardrobe, because then I would be flat broke instead of typical mid-twenties poor.
4. Stop being sick. This is the most immediate short term goal. I shall start there.


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