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March “this is not really angry until brackets start falling apart” Madness March 17, 2009

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So I just made my Facebook bracket for March Madness (what up, Lil Wayne bracket), and I’m pretty enthused about the total lack of research I did this year. Aside from one slideshow on 12 teams to not include in your bracket (which is impossible, by the way, since all 64 have to be in there somehow, and you aren’t going to pick SFA over OU if they match up, duh), I went into it blind, and I think I came out with pretty OK results. It just occurred to me, though, that I’m in a league with a sportscaster. I think he should be disqualified. If I beat him, I will officially be a March Madness idiot savant.

See, things like this are the fun parts of sports. I do not like basketball. But I’m ok with the tourney, because I like watching underdogs. George Mason University is one of my favorite schools ever, just because of their awesome Cinderella story from 3 years ago (I’m guessing at that- give or take a year). And I like watching #1 seeds get trounced anytime, but it’s especially great during playoffs  (UConn, I’m talking to you). It’s fun watching these teams give it everything they have. This is one of those rare times when basketball is worth my time; however, I probably won’t watch a whole game, not going to lie.  Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if there was an NCAA football November Madness? It would just make my birth month even greater. Actually, I’m pretty down with tourney style-anything NCAA; NCAA is just more interesting and full of more heart and passion.  Professional sports bore me lately.  I have been a diehard baseball fan my whole life (I’ll still take Craig Biggio as my betrothed if he ever should want that), but Roger Clemens and his needle crew have made a major dent in that. NFL is just drama left and right (this is NOT meant as a slight to the NFL player who accidentally killed someone with his car not long ago or the NFL guys who are presumed dead at sea- just to be clear, those are unfortunate. I’m more talking about T.O.)  And basketball- no interest of any kind. Apparently jocks don’t change after high school- the baseball players are still smart enough to get away with a lot, the football players are still causing drama and throwing fits, and the basketball crew is still kind of awkward (sorry, Yao).  The more random sports (hockey, lacrosse, water polo)- those guys were always the ones you wanted to hang out with, so maybe I should start working towards developing a fanship in those areas (I’m already the #1 fan of the former #55 for UT club lacrosse!). People might disagree with my assessment of sports, but I’m not a sports anchor, so who cares. Then again, if I whip someone’s butt in the tourney, that job may just be in my future…


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