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March 24, 2009

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Today was day 3 of craving sushi, and after an unsuccessful attempt to get it for dinner on Saturday (because as always, Randalls sucks on most every level) and for lunch today (because no one seems to understand that some people don’t want avocado in their sushi), the great salmon gods smiled on me, and I was able to procure not only some delicious salmon nigiri, but also miso soup. I will never cease to be amazed at just how satisfying it is to get the food you’re craving. Thank you, Kroger, for not sucking like Randalls. You’re no HEB, but you’ll do. Reason #453 why I can wait to get pregs- no sushi. The horror.

Last night was my first true rodeo night. I watched bull riding, which is surprisingly fun when no one gets gored in the head (yeah, I saw that happen when I was about 5- somehow the guy managed not to die, it was crazy.) I also watched mutton racing- is that what it’s called?- where kids ride sheep for as far as they can (and its amazing if they get more than 10 feet) and the calf scramble, which was actually cool. 100 kids around 14 years old and 40 calves- everyone who catches a calf gets to keep it and raise it for a future livestock show, and this year one of the winners of the cattle prize stuff was one of the calves from calf scramble a few years ago! Very cool, lots of beer, and good old ZZTop to round out the night. Thanks, Top! All in all, successful weekend!


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