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Welcome to the Millenium. March 27, 2009

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The fiancee had an amazing experience today while I was online shopping for a bikini (I know, not the best idea, but OH THE SALES!):

Me: Ew, not this pattern. I hate this. I think I want white. (Click on white color block to see white bikini)


Me: What? The color change?

Him: YES!

Me: You’ve clearly never online shopped before.

Him: Is that NORMAL? That’s AMAZING!

… welcome, young friend, to the magical credit card loving world of the great Al Gore-invented Internet.


One Response to “Welcome to the Millenium.”

  1. joywreck Says:

    I didn’t realize how dependent I was on this function until just now, when I was shopping for a bag and got really irritated that I couldn’t see it in the color I want.

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