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Wedding Lesson #2 April 10, 2009

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I feel like I should share Lesson #1 before I really launch into this. Wedding Lesson #1: By the end of the wedding day, the goal is to be married. That’s the primary mission, and all this other stuff is just details.

That gem being said, Wedding Lesson #2 is DO NOT LET YOUR FAMILY GET OVERINVOLVED. I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week while a massive invitation debacle has gone down (oh, you still haven’t gotten your invite? Don’t worry, NO ONE has since they STILL are not done). I wanted to just buy some invitations from Target and have them printed with colored ink by a professional printer. Not hard stuff. Inexpensive. Simple. Convenient. Something I controlled. Love it. I was persuaded by a very beloved member of my family to let this woman she knows make them, because Beloved Member has helped her out a lot and this woman does this professionally and kind of owes my Beloved Member for all the help. And the samples were gorgeous, and it was going to be a deal in the way of $$$, so I put aside my misgivings of losing control and not having a written contract to please the family. BAD CALL.

It’s April 9. The wedding is May 30. It’s good to have invited guests receive invitations 6-8 weeks before an event. Let me do the math for you- I’m just shy of 7 weeks. And I won’t be getting the invites for another few days. People will receive at 6 weeks. This doesn’t thrill me, but it’s ok. Except.

The fiancee has an extreme amount of aunts and uncles, all of whom live in the Northeast (damn Yankees, indeed). Grand total- it’s about 50 people. Yeah. I’m aiming for a wedding of 150 guests. Bam, that’s a third. So my plan was to invite a few people as I got RSVP cards back; it’s all people I love but I had to hold back on inviting because we didn’t know how many of these 50 were showing. This is kind of all blown to hell now that I’m sending the invites at just about 6 weeks… wouldn’t you be suspicious if 4 weeks before a wedding, you got an invite? Precisely. Then again, I’d be a little suspicious at 6 weeks. I can’t do anything now. But damn, those Target invitations are looking amazing. The only person they might look better to is the Beloved Member. I feel horrible for her, truly.

Lesson:  Do not let your family get overinvolved. This would have saved me endless stress over the last 3 weeks, and kind of over the last few months. Come to think of it, the least stressful parts have been the parts I did on my own. Family. Love them to death. Not good for your wedding planning health.


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