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Things I Like April 22, 2009

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I’m in a good mood tonight, and that makes me generally optimistic, so I’m going to go with that frame of thought make a list (which is something I love to do in general) of things I like, for your viewing pleasure.

1. Facebook. I know this is cliche and ridiculous, but it’s great on a multitude of levels. Point 1: Everyone loves a distraction, and there is no greater online distraction from whatever paper you should be writing, article you should be reading, or perhaps for some of you, what spreadsheet you should be working on (lucky non-time-crunched bastards) than Facebook. It’s beyond entertaining to find your BFF from 6th grade (possibly your BFF Jill?) and to see that she now has 4 kids and lives in Wyoming. Love it. Point 2: Keeping in touch has never been easier. Do you know how long it took me to collect addresses for the wedding? For the majority of people, I had it within 24 hours. Magical. Point 3: I love the pictures. I love that I can look into people’s lives with their permission, even though in some cases I don’t even know them. Yeah, that’s weird. But it brings me back to Point 1- it’s a great distraction and can entertain for hours.

2. Puppies. I want to own every puppy in the world on a ranch, because I love puppies that much. Also, I’d like to point out that I call every dog regardless of its age a puppy. I like to think that I’m choosing to help them retain their youth and fight ageism by doing so.

3. Showers. I really, really love showers. The steam is good, the hot water is good, the clean feeling after you’re done is good. I think heaven might be one of those showers with like 18 shower heads in it. Bliss.

4. Wednesday mornings. This is the only day of the week that I have advising in the afternoon and a clear schedule in the morning, and I think it’s easily my most productive and pleasant day of the week. Monday sucks, Tuesday is all day advising and I get behind no matter how hard I try not to, Thursdays are ok but once advising is over in the morning I’m already exhausted, and Friday just drags with nothing but paperwork to do. Wednesday is fab.

5. The fiance, even if I am staying up right now writing this instead of laying in bed with him. I’m just not tired yet. Sorry.

6. The post-workout feeling. I ran (slash walked) 3 miles today, and I haven’t done that in awhile. It felt glorious. There is something about pushing yourself and really feeling your muscles working and your heart beating that just does a mind so much good. This brings me to…

7. Overweight people in gyms. This might sound mean or ridiculous, but I want to high five every overweight person I see in the gym because I feel like they have started fighting the good fight. Taking care of yourself and reclaiming your right to being healthy has to start somewhere, and I really applaud making the effort. 2 laps walked around the track will eventually turn into a mile, which will turn into jogging, which will turn into added years on to your lifespan if you keep at it. I think it’s inspiring and brave and amazing to see someone starting that process. So- high-five, slightly chubby man next to me on the treadmill. I got support in abundance if you need it, and keep up the good fight.

8. Craig Biggio. I love him. One of the trio who made me love baseball (Biggio, Bagwell and Caminiti, may he rest in (a drug-laden) peace), #7 is the only man I would leave the fiance for. And he (the fiance) knows it. I’ve loved the guy since I was 5. It’s hard to compete with that. I’m really heartbroken that I moved to Houston too late to watch him play on a regular basis, and that I only got to see him play live twice. B-G-O forever.

9. Blotters from university campus police forces. I still read the Daily Texan’s “Campus Watch” blotter for fun sometimes, because who doesn’t want to read about a wasted 19 year old who pulled over a cop car thinking it was a cab? Or, as it happened on UH campus, know that a cop told a student who found a bag of weed, “You know if no one claims this, it’s yours”? COMIC GOLD, you can’t make this stuff up.

10. Sleeping. It takes so much work for me to fall asleep, but I love the blissful half-asleep phase. It’s my favorite. It’s what I’m going to go do right now.


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