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Can we re-title it, “Get AMERICA Out of Here”? June 16, 2009

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I admit I watched a little bit of the “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” marathon on MTV (Vh1? Bravo?), which convinced me to watch an episode or two online- I am not proud of this, but I admit it. This is by far the most ridiculous show I have ever seen. I literally cannot believe people signed up to make themselves look this stupid. By themselves, I do mean Heidi and Spencer. Now, I quit watching “the Hills” this year (I will proudly take my Girl Scount badge for that one, thanks), but these brats are everywhere. This might be one of my favorite interviews of all time and from a highly unlikely source- Mr. Al Roker. For your viewing pleasure, he is Mr. Roker playing Dad/high school principal to Heidi and Spencer. Some article that tipped me off to this (AOL, I think) credited Heidi with crying after and saying she felt attacked and warning Mr. Roker’s future guests against taking the seat across from him. Because clearly, Al Roker is a scary, scary man.

Please note the production crew start laughing, Roker’s appalled sigh (you know this is the moment he totally said F this interview), the amazing explanation between being a “villain on that show, hero in life”, and the amazing quote: “Am I proud of… what?”


welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

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I haven’t written in here in almost 2 months. I got slightly busy with the wedding- you know, what with the great plate debacle (I’m going to have to check if I wrote about that, but I feel like I did) and my just below the surface panic attack that lasted for pretty much all of May, I didn’t have copious amounts of free time. But the wedding is over, the honeymoon was amazing (and filled with dolphins and Coronitas), and life is slowly getting back to normal.

And normal for me, of course, is trying not to freak out about work and what I’m doing with the professional side of my life. I feel like the majority of the world seems to have my reversed problem- their personal lives are the hard part. I think I prefer my problem because at least the thing thats most important to me is settled (according to the newest ring on my left hand and the hole in our mutual bank account), but it’s still stressful. I took the Strong Interest Inventory test, and it told me that my top 10 matched careers are (in descending order of best match): broadcast journalist, graphic designer, speech pathologist, parks & recreation manager, advertising accuont manager, community service director, photographer, special education teacher, cosmetologist, and elementary school teacher. What’s funniest about this is when I was 12 or so, all I wanted to be was Katie Couric. I should really have paid a little bit more attention to 12 year old me, she knew what was up. I also used to cut pictures out of magazines like a fiend; hello, graphic design.  Somewhere along the way, I really need to start figuring this out. By somewhere, I mean ASAP, because our lease is up in January and I want to find somewhere close to our jobs, and if I’m leaving UH….

Nothing like pressure, right? Where is my bottle of Riesling?