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Can we re-title it, “Get AMERICA Out of Here”? June 16, 2009

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I admit I watched a little bit of the “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” marathon on MTV (Vh1? Bravo?), which convinced me to watch an episode or two online- I am not proud of this, but I admit it. This is by far the most ridiculous show I have ever seen. I literally cannot believe people signed up to make themselves look this stupid. By themselves, I do mean Heidi and Spencer. Now, I quit watching “the Hills” this year (I will proudly take my Girl Scount badge for that one, thanks), but these brats are everywhere. This might be one of my favorite interviews of all time and from a highly unlikely source- Mr. Al Roker. For your viewing pleasure, he is Mr. Roker playing Dad/high school principal to Heidi and Spencer. Some article that tipped me off to this (AOL, I think) credited Heidi with crying after and saying she felt attacked and warning Mr. Roker’s future guests against taking the seat across from him. Because clearly, Al Roker is a scary, scary man.

Please note the production crew start laughing, Roker’s appalled sigh (you know this is the moment he totally said F this interview), the amazing explanation between being a “villain on that show, hero in life”, and the amazing quote: “Am I proud of… what?”


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