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By popular request February 1, 2010

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I am adding a new post to my blog. I promise I will try to update this more than once a month. However, given that I haven’t updated all month, this is the rundown: Went to Baton Rouge for New Years, came home, continued studying for the GRE, started work again (good-bye, winter break), got bronchitis, strained a chest muscle from coughing (yeah, yo really can do that- new discovery of 2010), took the GRE while getting over bronchitis (impeccable timing), packed to move, found out the husband was getting laid off, moved into new apartment, found out husband was NOT getting laid off for at least another month, found out that instead he might be going to HAITI FOR UP TO A YEAR, applied to grad school. Then I tried to start breathing again, because I haven’t really done that much in January (what with the bronchitis and the lay-off possibilities and such.) I’m not trying to skirt the obvious issues here (HAITI) but I’m just not dealing with it until I have more details and I know the likelihood of this happening. If I start really thinking about it now, I just want to start crying, and I’ll be pissed at the amount of tears I wasted if it winds up not happening, so- postponing the bawling for later if necessary.

In excellent news, I got new running shoes. I went to Luke’s Locker, which is kind of like a yuppier RunTex in River Oaks for you Austinites, and found a beautiful and extremely comfortable and supportive pair of Asics. I haven’t broken them in yet because it’s in the 40s and I do not do outdoors in temperatures below 60, but I’m very excited. I’m also resuming yoga as soon as the chest muscle is fully recovered, which I think is almost now- I need a couple more days of being able to sneeze or cough without feeling like I was stabbed between my ribs to feel confident.

If I every figure out how to do it, I’m going to put up pictures of our new place. It’s a pretty standard apartment, but we actually painted, and it feels cozy and like a home. I’m a fan, even if it only has been about a week. Also, you’ll have to wait for pictures until it stops being Boxland up in here, and that’s at least 1 more week.

I’m on the hunt for a theme for this blog so I can actually stay dedicated to it- any ideas?


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