everything that’s in my head all day, all spilled out

February 11, 2010

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Clarification- I’m not in a bad mood at all. I’m just flippin wiped out.

Does anyone else think it would be good if 2010 would just SLOW DOWN TO 50 MPH INSTEAD OF 100? I’m not on the Autobahn here- I prefer the I-37 path of life (Corpus reference, be glad if you don’t entirely get it). And I’m not saying everything that’s going on is bad, because it’s not- some of it is actually fabulous. But its all exhausting. I will elaborate once a few more things get settled- right now there’s just too much IF to even get started. This weekend/next week holds a lot of weight.

But I will say that “Break Stuff” couldn’t have come on my iPod at a better moment. Tell me about it, Fred Durst- let’s make someone leave with a fat lip (but please don’t touch me while we work on that, because I really don’t want your potential STDs). GIVE ME SOMETHING TO BREAK.


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