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As Promised, sort of February 20, 2010

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I can’t fully update on every single thing that’s going on- some of it won’t be 100% signed sealed delivered until Monday- but for the majority of life, it’s a little more together and I can discuss a lot more.

First, we have a new family member.

This is Gabby! We picked her up last Friday from my aunt’s house, and it was touch and go for awhile because a guinea pig obsession developed instantly. They really don’t seem overly concerned about her lording over them, but if you were a predatory animal who couldn’t really emote properly, would you want a beast many times your size staring at you and stalking you? Me neither. So now she is kenneled for 5 minutes at a time when she goes too close, and she’s already learned which zones are ok. House breaking is going VERY well- we did find a mystery poop this morning (mystery being when it was left, not who did it- I think The Boy is relatively well trained in that regard), but that’s the first accident in 2 days, and that’s pretty fabulous for a dog who was used to going whenever and wherever she pleased on a farm. Walks are good, she is getting used to seeing many other people and dogs at the park each day on her afternoon walk, and it’s safe to say we’re in love. So consider us a family of 5 now. (Yes, Snack Pack and Turbo the guinea pigs count- we love our ladies.)

Other news- work is good. More to be reported on that later. The Boy is more than likely NOT going to be laid off- hurrah. In mixed news, The Father in Law is having a kidney transplant next week, and the donor will be The Sister in Law Who Lives Far Away (North Carolina, if you’re that curious). So no one is thrilled on the surgery part, but everyone is excited about the prospect of him feeling better and being in better health, so we’ll just be thinking positively on that front- anyone who wants to throw additional positivity/prayers/crossed fingers our way is welcome to do just that.

This is completely unrelated, but I want to put it out there- is anyone else a new fan of Johnny Weir? The Boy was watching the Olympics the other night and commenting on how bewildered he is by the fact that heterosexual men will willingly wear the figure skating costumes. I said something about how some of the costumes are more flamboyant than others JUST AS Johnny Weir in his pink tassled, fishnetted, corsetted glory entered the ice. I was immediately all about it. Then he skated OFF the ice, and my true infatuation began. Flamboyant hand gestures while giving face attitude? Check. Coach is wearing 19 pounds of makeup and fur? Check. He does a little BUTT POP while entering the waiting area? CHECK. And I want to be very, very clear- I’m not laughing at him or any other gay man, flamboyant or not.  I genuinely think he is awesome and cool and fierce as hell for this- that’s how I feel about all flamboyant gay men.  (I recently discovered via Facebook that my very good friend from kinder-middle school is gay; I really wonder if his sexuality and my very positive feelings about gay men are connected. ) So in conclusion, Johnny Weir, I love you and your fur-wearing, drama-provoking self. Thank you for bringing a whole new meaning to Olympic flame.


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