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Because I like lists. March 3, 2010

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I feel a major need to make a post right now, although I really have nothing I feel a need to post about. So, in the grand tradition of my love of lists, I’m just going to make a list of random facts about me. It’s like another flashback to the good old days of 1998 and AIM and chain letter surveys.

1. I would probably not have changed my last name if I’d married anyone else. I don’t like the concept of changing your name, but I really really like The Boy, and I really like his family. I like being permanently linked to them. So I did. Then again, since my former last name can  also be used as a first name, name changing did have a selfish benefit- now a child can have both our last names.

2. I didn’t visit colleges while making my university choice. I had been to UT once junior year, I liked it, and then senior year during UIL stuff (in the spring, mind you- I’d already committed to UT thanks to early admission) I wandered around campus and found the tower and its inscription of “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” It is one of the very few religious statements to make a major impact on me, and I knew in that moment I’d made the right choice.

3. I don’t think I’ll ever be in truly fantastic shape because I’m too damn lazy and always fall back on the fact that I seem to have a pretty good metabolism. I’m going to be so screwed when menopause hits in 25-30 yrs.

4. I hate facial hair. Like, really hate it. There has been one person EVER that I have known personally and found extremely attractive who had facial hair. If you don’t know who you are, I’m not going to tell you. (I will say I didn’t pursue it, though- this probably has something to do with the facial hair.)

5. I have random music taste. I know everyone says that, and maybe it’s true for everyone, but this afternoon, my iPod jammed not only the top 40 of John Mayer and Taylor Swift (because I’m 12 deep inside), but some really random 90s (“and then I think about that time that we broke up before the prom and you told everyone that I was gay- ok”), the original soundtrack of RENT, a little Nickelcreek, a bit of Charlotte Church, some old Pat Green and of course some Lil Wayne to really round it out. This doesn’t make me any cooler than anyone else, but I like that I have all these different sides that connects to all of the different music genres. I also got caught mouthing words and dancing in my chair to Taylor Swift. Again, I’m not cooler than anyone, ever.

6. Does anyone else miss the extreme hope and energy that was flying around America during the 2008 election? I do. I do a lot.

7. Jim and Pam on the Office are pretty much my favorite couple of all time. Ever. This is pretty universal, I know, but its just true. “I was waiting for my wife.”And I melt. I wonder if Emily Blunt ever watches the Office and complains to John Krasinski that he needs to be more like his character. Probably not. He’s probably perfect as it is. Sigh.

8. I really don’t know if I’m going to be a good mom. If my dog is any indication, I’m easily frustrated by my lack of total control. I have a major fear that I’m going to go way too crazy on trying to make their lives perfect and completely screw them up in the process.

9. I hate that I have no original or interesting thoughts. Blogging really proves this point to me.

10. However, I do have solid ideas, such as the glitter tattoo. When the technology exists, I will get a neon colored, permanent glitter tattoo of 2 dolphins jumping in the shape of a heart in the tramp stamp location- it’s very much an homage to Lisa Frank, and its sheer entertainment potential will be invaluable. How can you have a bad day when you have a glitter tattoo above your crack?

I’d show that thing to EVERYONE. =)


One Response to “Because I like lists.”

  1. joywreck Says:

    Totally loving your choice of really random 90s songs!

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