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Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this March 18, 2010

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Every so often I run across a really bad blog. Actually, about 1/2 the time I’m blog perusing, I fall into a bad one. I’m talking about the ones that sounds like they’re written by 30-something housewives who have never worked, have no sense of irony /sarcasm/wit, do not have great story-telling capabilities or great stories to tell and can’t see that they are writing the sort of thing that we all endure in the yearly Christmas letter from a great aunt written from the perspective of the family dog with lots of puns including the word “ruff” (actually, I shouldn’t knock that one, given that I recently wrote a thank you note on behalf of Gabby to her day-after-spaying caretakers and traced her paw for a signature.) It’s even worse when you know the person behind the blog, and the blog makes you a little less enthusiastic about being their acquaintance. I don’t think I’m the best blogger in the world. I wouldn’t even say I’m in the top 70%- I’m sporadic in writing, I have no continuity or theme of content on the blog and I’m too wordy and wandering in my thoughts. But at least I can’t envision someone reading what I’m writing and thinking, “Dear God, she’s one of those people that you can only call ‘nice’ because there isn’t enough personality there to give them a better adjective.” I’m all for blogs that give a glimpse into daily life of a family- I love reading my friend Ashley’s blog since I don’t get to see her often but I feel like I’m keeping up on what’s up with her and her husband and the baby. Ashley is funny. She writes well. And she knows the difference between telling a story and trying to make every event in life into a cute anecdote.  This is the fundamental difference between good and bad “daily life” blogging. (Christa, this applies to you as well. You’re entertaining to read. And I like that you treat Mac like a person, since I treat Gabby the same way.) I just hope I don’t become that really crappy blogger. If I do, someone please force me to pull the plug on mustlovepringles so I can’t inflict the pain on others.

Can I go have my green beer(s) yet?


One Response to “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this”

  1. joywreck Says:

    Your blog is awesome; stop worrying!

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