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I feel ka-blah. January 21, 2011

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That’s not like Kaballah. It’s my way of saying I was feeling good like an hour ago, and now I feel bleh. The worst part about feeling bleh is that you don’t want to go to sleep feeling bleh, because the bleh cycle just perpetuates and then you wake up feeling bleh and then somehow the weekend turns bleh and do you know what that all results in? PROBLEMS, my friends. PROBLEMS.

This is part of why I hate winter. I feel like winter just brings about the blehs. I don’t want to work out. I don’t want to go do stuff. I am bummed about the end of the holidays, the lack of holidays and vacations for multiple months (I don’t do Valentine’s Day and never have, so I have to wait 2 months until St Patrick’s Day- that’s total BS), and most of all I HATE BEING COLD which directly ties into a natural hate of winter. I’m from a family where 3 of the 4 of us put on a hoodie when it drops below 70- we really can’t hang. So I guess the grand summary is that winter sucks, winter makes me just want spring immediately if not sooner, and I’m basically starting a countdown until Skirt Day* just to feel a tiny bit of warm sun**.

(*For those who do not know, Skirt Day is a holiday celebrated by heterosexual males (and presumably lesbians) that takes place on the first truly warm day of spring, AKA the day that girls whip out their skirts for the first time of the season. My friend D would talk about this in college, and I thought this was so very funny, until I discovered that it’s apparently quite the serious holiday celebrated across this great US of A:

(**For those who do not know (come on, where have y’all been?), there is warm sun and cold sun. Warm sun is the lovely warm sunshine we are all so familiar with. Cold sun is its evil twin, nice sunshine without a single ray of warmth, which I consider to be the ultimate in unnatural trickery.)



2010 January 4, 2011

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In January, I learned that stressing over the inevitable is just not worth it. Speaking up for yourself, however, is, even though it can lead to stress.

In February, I learned that sometimes a well-deserved reward comes with an unexpected punishment (or just not so good side story). Nothing ever comes free. I also learned that having a dog can result in the the purest love in the world. =)

In March, I learned that things don’t cave in unless you allow them to cave in, generally speaking. It’s all a matter of perception. That said, things caved just a touch, but then we pushed them back up.

In April, I learned that I can be a rock. I can also be an island, but I’m a crappy island- I like people too much to be a good island.

In May, I celebrated a year of trials, tribulations and a lot of happiness and love, and we got a sweet reward that put everything back on track.

In June, I learned that it can be really, really painful to watch others pursue your unpursued dreams, but that pain can affirm all the right reasons why you’re on the path you’ve chosen.

In July, I hit a wall of exhaustion. I climbed it, I moved on, because that’s just what you have to do sometimes.

In August, I took on a long-term challenge that terrified me. I’ll let you know when it ends. It feels like it never will, but I know I’ll get there eventually.

In September, I grew to appreciate more than ever exactly how amazingly supportive and loving my family and friends are.

In October, I don’t even know what I did but lose a work-life-school balance and instead came down squarely on the side of school. Midterms suck.

In November, I officially entered my late twenties as an overall lucky girl who needs to learn to calm down more. I also vowed to be in better shape by 28. I’ve worked out precisely once since that day, just so you know how that’s going.

In December, I finally stopped to breathe. I took time to SLEEP, to finally get a very long overdue cold, to snuggle with my dog and with my nieces and my husband, to enjoy my families, and to try to renew my appreciation for all of them. And I decided to try to make an effort to make each month a little bit more like December. So far, so good.

And in 2010, I ended the year knowing that my husband and I can weather anything together, that I’m so so very lucky to be surrounded by the family I was given and the friend family I have chosen, and that I am never going to be able to be everything to everyone and make everyone happy. So I’m going to try really hard to focus on the ones who matter to me most, and work on making 2011 beautiful and full of love for them and for me.

We’ll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne. =)