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Thank you, Scott from the bank. April 1, 2011

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So I went to the bank on Monday- car payment had to be made, issues with the online account, blah blah. My account manager or whatever this particular bank calls them was a really nice new guy who also drives a Subaru (what uuuuup, hippie car owners, we are awesome with our cars made in environmentally-friendly factories and our mega sunroofs). We chitchatted as he got my info- the general stuff about what I do, and he found out I was in school as well, how annoying name changes can be in the financial world (b/c my checks still have my maiden name on them), etc. Good chat- Scott the new guy is good at the art of the schmooze. So I was explaining to him that I do like my current bank (because I don’t bank with these people, just have a car loan through them) but the only kink in the plan is that since I opened my checking account a million years ago when I was like 13, my parents are on the account. I have to have my parents physically sign something in the presence of the bank for them to be removed, or I have to close out the account, and that would mean having to get another account and put my husband and I both on it, get more checks, change the account on all the bills I autodebit, which is like EVERYTHING. The end response was “Yeah, so I’d have to do all that to drop the parents off the account, and basically I’m lazy.”

And Scott glanced at me like I’d just said, “I like to eat coat hangers for breakfast.” And without ever fully turning his attention away from his computer screen as he entered my information, he said, “I’m sorry, but you have a fulltime job. You’re in graduate school. You’re married. I think that’s kind of the opposite of lazy.”

Scott- you have no idea what that meant to me. You have no idea how you, a perfect stranger (although I suppose since we both drive Subarus, we do have a shared automotive passion), just validated me more than I have been able to validate myself since August. YOU’RE RIGHT. I am so not lazy. I actually don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the stuff I’d like to do, and I shouldn’t beat myself up about that. In fact, I should be proud of myself for accomplishing what DOES get done.

So, to the 2-3 of you that read this, you should think about what Scott said. Chances are extremely high that you, too, are not lazy even if you feel like you’re being lazy sometimes, and your imperfections are just you being human and having a lot going on. We can only do so much. And dammit, we’re fragile creatures when you really think about it- you should treat yourself nicely and gently and reward yourself for the things on the to-do list that do get checked off. Go get yourself a mani or a coffee or a margarita, because not getting everything done and having our life in perfect order DOES NOT MAKE US LAZY. It makes us busy people.

In conclusion, thank you to Scott, for making me feel a lot better about myself than I have in ages, and for getting my auto-debit to work correctly. You are a gem in an ugly standard-issue bank short sleeved button down. I appreciate YOU.