everything that’s in my head all day, all spilled out

About March 12, 2009

Things I would recommend knowing before you jump into this:

  • I grew up in South Texas, so I know what you’re saying if you curse at me in Spanish. I also bailed on South Texas as soon as the student loans came in. (On the off chance my parents (whom I really love) see this, this is not a slight to either of you, it’s a slight to the city!)
  • I went to UT and loved most every minute of it. I love my Longhorns, and I get nostalgic for college a lot. I think I always will.
  • I’m married, and I have a dog.
  • I’m in grad school. Insert me whining about grad school here.
  • I really, really love Pringles. And if you don’t, just lie to me and say you do, because otherwise we basically can’t be friends.

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